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Align Academy Is The Ultimate Membership To Master Your Mindset, Command Your Worth, Find Fulfillment, Fall In Love With Your Life... And More!

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     Align Academy Season 1

    →  Peak Performance Playbook

    →  LIVE Weekly Q&A Call

    →  LIVE Monthly Masterclass

    →  Private Discord Channel 

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 Apply These Lessons And: 

    →  Design Your Dream Lifestyle

    →  Improve Your Self-Awareness

    →  Improve Your Self-Worth

    →  Increase Your Confidence

    →  Break Subconscious Beliefs

    →  Design Empowering Beliefs

    →  Master Your Own Mindset

    →  Find Inner Fulfillment

    →  Design Your Destiny

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It’s incredible who you gravitate towards when you’re living out of alignment…

When a mindset rooted in fear, worthlessness, and victimhood dictates your personal and professional lack… of purpose, profits, and potential.

Where a space within you is void of inspiration, imagination, and the zest for life you once had.

You resort to alcohol, drugs, emotionless sex, and living for the weekend.

Deep down you know you were destined for greatness… but you don’t know where to turn.

This was my life for more than a decade.

Externally checking the boxes, internally wanting it all to end.

That is until I discovered the 4 Cycles of Belief…

My belief was that success must be complex, and that my self worth must be tied to what I did, had or accomplished…

This created a lack of alignment between my thoughts and actions -- I chose to think wealthy thoughts, but my subconscious beliefs prevented me from experiencing it.

When I discovered how you create beliefs, I realized that granted me the ability to deconstruct limiting ones, reconstruct empowering ones and ultimately design my dream life.

This discovery… and internal implementation is what changed it all.

Picture this…

No one is twice as intelligent as you or 'better' than you…

So why are there people who are:

10x wealthier than you…

10x more fulfilled than you…

10x more athletic than you…


What allows some to live unstoppable lives and others to suffer through?

What causes the top 5% to find gratitude in their problems… seeing them as the pressure they must push against to craft their character?

Our beliefs design our destiny… and if you’re not crafting them consciously, you’re missing out on the opportunity to finally make your dreams reality.




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Step #1



What's Missing Has Always Been In Front Of You... With The 4 Cycles of Belief As Your Baseline, You'll Become Equipped To Design Your Dream Life


A proven process to discover the subconscious patterns that have been holding you back in life and business. You'll learn my proprietary process, utilizing the cycles of belief, to create alignment in the foundational four (Physical Presence, Transformative Speech, Mental Focus & Inspired Proximity). No more guessing, hoping, or "trying"... just results.

Discover lifelong 'programs' that have been installed in you by your family, friends and relationships. Awareness is the first step in becoming the creator of your dream life (and we'll give you tools to take action too).

Master your most powerful asset... your own mindset. Many believe their mind is strong, but to make it impenetrable is what will grant you access to the lifestyle hall of fame (which is exactly where you belong).

Get unrestricted access to the educational material normally exclusive to our cohort & mastermind students. These private teachings are the secrets I've learned from being in rooms with the .01%.

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The Most Overlooked Piece In Courses & Communities... Discovering Your Purpose Is Your Greatest Superpower, But Focused Feedback Is What Will Get You In The 1%

Find clarity in your biggest superpower, your purpose. You may know your 'WHY", but if you lack action it's because one of the foundational 4 is out of alignment. If one sits below the rest it's an energy vampire. 

Become conscious of  your patterns. Learn exactly how much your beliefs dictate your experiences... and how the meaning you attach to them (via your subconscious beliefs) creates the stories you tell yourself. 

Get more than you've previously had by becoming more than you presently are. You're smart enough to realize that if you want to get something you've never had... you have to do something you've never done - and that change must be internal to create an external result.

Get immediate expert feedback from others destined to join you in the top 1%. If you want to go fast, go alone... but if you want to go far, go with those dedicated to enhancement, elevation and never-ending growth.

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Bring It Together With Tested Tools, Ongoing Expert-Led Education, And A Community Dedicated To Opportunity Creation For Our Members


Become part of our chosen family and gain proximity to powerful people. This is the secret sauce others consider an afterthought... our community is what makes the Align Academy world-class.

Become worthy of living in your true capacity (small never served you) with ongoing education, Q&A's and monthly masterclasses provided by world-renowned leaders, experts & facilitators. Plus -- your opinion matters... we'll bring in the best-of-the-best specifically for you!

Become one of us by joining a powerful community of leaders, creators & coaches dedicated to living a life most dream of, but few ever achieve. This community never settles... and because of that, you must be prepared to step up or step out.

Turn decades of experience into days of education by plugging into a community with a focused feedback loop. Ask questions, get answers, and learn from those at the top of their industry. Others have been where you're at... and are now where you want to go.


Receive These 6 Bonuses $4,979 Value


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1. The Masterclass Pass
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Receive HD recordings of ALL previous Masterclasses... and if all you do is study these recordings, you'll pay your membership off hundreds of times over.


Wealthy Why Worksheet - iPad New

2. Your Wealthy 'Why'
Instant Access


Ever wonder why you do what you do? Ever considered that not knowing could be the reason you lack clarity... of outcome, purpose & progress. Our epic tool exposes the root cause(s) of your deeply held disempowering beliefs and illuminates what to reconstruct.


Peak Performance Playbook - Notion Mockup

3. Performance Playbook
Instant Access


Receive access to our legendary Performance Playbook and accompanying Notion templates... this playbook is your key to consistent peak performance.

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4. Mastery Meditation(s)
unlocked 14 days after joining


Imagine if you had the awareness to notice, in the moment, the exact thoughts and beliefs preventing you from feeling worthy enough to achieve your life's purpose. It's a superpower very few possess, and these guided meditations are designed to actively retrain your subconscious.


Relational Rolodex Mockup

5. Relational Rolodex
unlocked 14 days after joining


We all have our own zone of genius... yet society teaches us to focus on figuring out 'how' instead of leveraging 'who'. Our proprietary Relational Rolodex Tool helps you tap into the scalable mindset necessary to master life's 4 freedoms.


Transcendent Time Audit - iPad Mockup 2

6. Transcendent Time Audit
unlocked 14 days after joining


You can never get your time back... yet most of us have no idea where it actually goes. Every quarter I personally use my Lifestyle Design Calculator + TTA tool and I ALWAYS discover an area for optimization. Want to be a peak performer... start with systemization, delegation and deletion!



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Private Coaching Call
unlocked 31 days after joining


Save years of painful trial and error with a results-focused coaching call designed to transform decades of work into days. You may have a leg up on your peers, but do you have the self-awareness to continually find opportunities for optimization? 




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"First sale within 30 minutes..."

- Sam D.

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"I owe it ALL to Kevin!"

- Gina P.

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"Kevin wants you to succeed!"

- Adam C.

Try with ZERO RISK

I have dedicated my life to expanding, enhancing, and elevating everyone around me... and I have an insatiable desire to help you do the same.

I have traveled the world, spent over $300,000 to get in rooms with the likes of Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor-Jones, Dean Graziosi, and more... (plus I continue to do so) and I promise to leave no lesson I have learned unshared.

If you personally don't find what I'm offering valuable, I actually don't want you in the community and will happily refund you in full.

This is why I have my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Come test drive the McLaren... and you'll soon see exactly what you've been missing.

Seriously... If you're not happy, simply email us at we'll revoke your access, promptly refund you in full, and shake hands before we part ways.


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 You're Getting This: 

     Align Academy Season 1

    →  Peak Performance Playbook

    →  LIVE Weekly Q&A Call

    →  New Monthly Masterclasses

    →  Members ONLY Discord Channel 

    →  20% Off SY Programs & Retreats


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     The Masterclass Pass (Recordings)

    →  Your Wealthy 'Why' (Tool)

    →  Performance Planner & Playbook

    →  Mastery Meditation(s)

    →  Relational Rolodex (Tool)

    →  Transcendent Time Audit (Tool)

    →  Private Coaching Call ($1,000 Value)


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